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Great Skin, Great Habits

Great Skin, Great Habits


People often comment on how smooth, clear and soft my skin is. Accomplishing these skincare goals does not have to be difficult. It simply requires that we adapt some routine skincare habits that equate to radiant and healthy, glowing skin. Read on to find out what you can do to accomplish these goals for your skin.


If you desire to have clear, healthy skin, make it a habit to wash your face at least twice daily. If you often have your hands in your face, or come in contact with the elements regularly throughout the day then you may even want to wash it more. The average person, however, need only wash their face twice daily. Too much washing can cause skin irritation as well as not enough washing. When in doubt; the magic number is two.


Eating a well balanced and healthy diet will aid in restoring your face to a radiant glow and smooth, flawless skin. Certain foods that we consume regularly can actually cause acne. Currently, there is studies being tested that theorize that certain carbohydrate rich foods like white bread, white potatoes, chips, cornflakes, pretzels and skim milk can actually cause acne symptoms to be worse.


Many of us enjoy an active life, but it is important that once we finish a fitness routine or any physical activity that we make getting clean a priority. Exercising does wonders for you body, but also your skin because it helps improve circulation. When we shower and wash our faces after a good workout, we are preventing bacteria and dead skin cells from clogging up our pores.


You may notice we state this a lot in these blogs, but it is an important part of healthy skin care; that is, using an oil-free moisturizer. Many of us have naturally oily skin so using an oil free moisturizer prevents skin from drying out and aides in reproducing oils naturally in the skin. It is important that you use a light-weight, oil-free moisturizer, as you do not want to clog your pores. That leads to pimples and acne scars in the face and skin.


Last, but certainly not least when concerning caring for your skin; don’t skip the sunscreen. It is a common misconception that black people do not need sunscreen. Let’s squash that myth right now. UV rays from the sun has the tendency to dry out the skin. In turn, our bodies produce more oil. When our skin becomes oilier, it can clog the pores. Not only that, when we ignore putting sunscreen on our skin, we are exposing ourselves to harmful rays that can lead to skin cancer. Get you a good, oil-free sunscreen and be sure to apply it generously to your body.


There are many things that we can do to achieve the flawless skin we crave. The important thing is to stay consistent in whatever routine you decide to use and be sure to take care of your skin. Do you have different beauty tips that work for you? We welcome you to share your skincare routine with us in the comments. Let us know what you do to keep your skin smooth, and free of acne and acne scars.

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