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About Us

 Only the Best!

Since 2019, we've been providing super high quality skin care products at an affordable price. What really makes us different though is our community. We love hearing about our products and we enjoy your feedback. 


This company was founded in 2019 by a mother and aunt who wanted to heal eczema that runs in the family. Using tons of creams and lotions seemed to not help and didnt provide much relief. She then deciced to research and look into a more "natural" plant based alternative. After months of reserach, formulating, and testing she created her first-all-natural-body butter known as 'Jersey Butter" with discovering many new formulas she found herself blooming and growing tremendously, and becoming more confident in her own skin care she became a Certified Skincare & Haircare Formulator, and started "ButtahflySkin Co. what is formerly know as "Kreations By Kay". The butterflies are In remembrance of my mother!! And represents spiritual rebirth, transformation, change, hope and life.

Our Promise

We've spent a lot of time seeking out the best ingredients for our products. We we're tired of store brought , unhealthy products so we made our own solution. We like to think of ourselves as partners with you. If you have a suggestion or feedback, please  reach out to us. 



Our Values

We believe every human being is unique and beautiful. Every part of you is incredible: your beautiful eyes, your beautiful smile, your beautiful glowing skin. You are a part of this wonderful world and we know that you are powerful enough to run it!

Our Principles

There are 3 main principles we are following in Buttahfly Skin: Respect, Beauty, and Love. Respect because we do respect each and every one our customers and their needs. Beauty because we make everything possible for you to be even more beautiful and happy. Finally, Love because it is an essence of everything! And all of products are created with Love. 

Opportunities don't happen, You create them! and I created ButtahflySkin Co.