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Fall Skincare Tips

Vast were our summer plans as we began 2020, but as the winter rolled in, we quickly realized that this year, was going to be one with a very unique set of circumstances and would require significant changes to our daily routines. Now, instead trying to remember our keys and wallets, we also have to remember our masks. 


The year has brought with it much grief and uncertainty, but as we embark on the fall, we should still remember our skincare routines, especially with the new edition to our faces. Many individuals are opting to wear fabric, reusable face mask. However, they are not washing them and the repeated use could result in breakouts or skin irritation. I recommend washing your mask with a mild soap and swapping them out periodically. 


As you prepare for the cooler days and nights, its important to consider your skin concerns as it relates to the changing seasons. In the fall, when the temperature trickles, the air becomes crisp and may cause skin to lose its moisture. When we make the conversion into the fall, it is important to tailor your skincare routine around the problematic challenges from the summer. 


In the summer, sun exposure, chlorine from swimming and saltwater are all things that may have been detrimental to your skin, so in the fall its time to treat your skin to some exfoliation and moisturization. It is a good idea to find a moisturizing cleanser that can hydrate the skin versus a soap that can leave your skin feeling dry.


Gel washes are great in the summer, but during the fall, you may want to opt for a more creamier choice body wash. Scrubs are extremely profitable this time of year as the sun and chlorine have the tendency to leave our skin feeling parched and peeling. When you use an oil-based body scrub, it will do wonders to exfoliating and hydrating your skin. I recommend using the Turmeric Scrub, to saturate the skin while in the shower. It is very moisturizing and leaves the body soft to the touch. 


Drop the lotion as well. As the air is drier in the fall, skin needs something a little thicker for added moisture. I recommend the Jersey butter, made with Kokum butter and oils to leave your skin feeling extra moisturized and yet still adding hydration to the skin. When you use a cream, you have a powerful oil barrier and it will aid in reducing water loss from the outer skin layer while providing hydration to the skin all at the same time. 



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